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Advanced Directive

Advanced Directives are a way for you to declare ahead of time how, and by whom, medical decisions will be made on your behalf, if the time comes when you can no longer communicate your wishes. The two most common forms ofadvanced directives are Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

A copy of the Advanced Directive or Living Will will be placed in the patient’s chart and included with the Center’s medical record in the event the patient is transferred to another health care facility during this visit.

Advanced Directive Policy

POLICY: The Surgery Center of Reno recognizes the need for Advanced Directives in the hospital setting. Due to the elective nature of procedures done at our facility, it has been determined that any existing Advanced Directives will not be followed while you are a the patient at the Surgery Center of Reno. In the event of a medical emergency, appropriate care will be provided and transfer arrangements will be made. We will forward your Advanced Directives with your medical records in the event that you are transferred to a hospital.

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