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Surgery Preparations

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Anesthesiology care for both adult and pediatric patients are provided by physicians who are members of the following anesthesiology group in the Reno area.


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After registering with the front desk, a nurse will escort you to the pre-operative area. After changing clothes into a patient gown and robe, a short medical history will be taken and reviewed by a physician anesthesiologist. During that time, the anesthesiologist will discuss with you the alternative anesthesia methods appropriate to your surgery or procedure. 

Several links are provided below for additional information on ambulatory anesthesia, children and anesthesia, seniors and anesthesia, anesthesia and herbal supplements and pain management. This information is provided through the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Society of Ambulatory Anesthesiologists. The information contained through these links is in general terms. You are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with your physician or anesthesia provider on the day of the procedure.

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Because our physician anesthesiology providers are independent practitioners, you can expect to receive a bill for any charges or balance not paid by insurance. Please contact their respective business offices for any questions regarding anesthesiology services.

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