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Nationwide, there is a growing trend in medicine to find innovative ways to improve patient care and patient satisfaction. Traditionally, when a person needs a medical procedure or has a health care problem, the typical hospital experience can be unsettling and disruptive to one's routine. The entire experience from "hospital food" to the clinical feel of the tiled rooms can make the patient uncomfortable.

Ironically, at a time when a person needs to feel more comfortable and at ease because of their health care problem, the traditional hospital experience simply adds more anxiety. Ambulatory surgery centers, like Surgery Center of Reno are a proven modality, enabling physicians to provide the most advanced technology to their patients, while replacing the traditional hospital experience.

But just as importantly, health care experts are finding ambulatory surgery centers can often provide the most modern technology – and more patient amenities – at a lower cost than the older hospital model which can have higher overhead from dozens of departments and a larger, less efficient facility.

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